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Our company’s main goal is to create an opportunity for every student to acquire music theory as a creative game, incorporating the acquisition of music theory in practical activities by improvising independently or with teacher’s supervision. Thus we present the opportunity:

– to develop independent learning skills, as well as motivation which is crucial in order to learn to play any kind of musical instrument;

– to acquire music theory effectively, rapidly, and in diversified ways.

The Road to the Music Study Materials – I’ve been working in the field of Music pedagogy for 8 years now. My job involves working with students of different age groups, as well as with their parents. Over these years, I’ve been looking for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of music lessons so that students would be motivated to practice at home, and learn to practice the acquired material during the lessons independently, thus achieving better results in day-to-day work.

I had the opportunity to work with 6 year olds who were preparing to being their studies in music school. They had to learn to recognize the music notation on music sheet, that’s way I cut music notes out of paper. While I was teaching children the music notation by singing, colouring, looking for differences with these pieces of paper, I had the idea about music puzzle.

I began modelling music puzzles, first out of paper, however, they didn’t fit together, and students said they would like to have a real puzzle that they can play with – one that wouldn’t wear out and break.

I had the idea of musical games, with the aim – to acquire the basics of music theory.


Kristīne Ozola


(no latīņu valodas – Svēts) ir himna, kas nāk no Čalsedonas kristīgās liturģijas . Rietumu kristietībā Sanctus ir noslēguma vārdi, kas tiek dziedāti (vai deklemēti) Svētā vakarēdiena ievadā.

Our vision – to give the opportunity for everyone to understand and learn music theory (the guidelines, basic principles), thus helping students to apply their knowledge when playing any kind of musical instrument, as well as to develop and perfect their skills.


Kristīne Ozola